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Super Fat Burning Bomb G4 / Reduce Fat / Weight Loss


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10 Boxes Super Fat Burning Bomb G4 / Reduce Fat / Weight Loss       US$158     Order Now

Super Fat Burning Bomb G4/Reduce belly fat lose weight/regulate blood lipid

100% pure nature•original

Reduce belly fat more quickly

High-efficiency weight loss



The product select pepper extraction which is praised ¡°super fat burning bomb¡± and a lot of herbal essence, with L-carnitine, Health Hawthorn, Aloe, ginkgo, Oriental Waterplantain Rhizome as the main ingredients. The product adopts international advanced high-tech of biological low temperature extraction. High-energy active fat burning element is extracted from pepper and herbal essence, having positive effect on waist, belly and other fat parts. It can speed up fat metabolism and decomposition, burn excess fat cells, simultaneously prevent intestinal to absorb and integrate fat. Regulating fat metabolism and decomposition is to achieve the effect of weight-loss.

  Super fat burning bomb G4 improves formula based on the G3, with American newly weight loss element of fat burning enzyme which is Konjac mannan and lots of vitamin. It is a boutique that is made up by Nature Petor company¡¯s weight reduction experts. At the time of safe and fast weight loss, taking it will have a great effect on facial beautification and shaping body.



       Slimming, Orthotics, do not narrow chest, no diarrhea, safe and reliable.

       Fast weight loss, the effect on thigh, buttock, waist, belly, arm and face and other fatty parts is obvious, no rebound.

       New formula, new techniques, super concentration, once a day, one capsule each time, take convenience.

       In addition to simple fat, the product is more suitable for postpartum obesity and rebound after many times reducing fat.

       The product can not only reduce weight ,but also regulate blood lipid and be detoxed.


Questions and Answers:

1.     Q: In a cycle, how many boxes shall eat?

      A: Suggestion: In a cycle, 2boxes should be eaten. The majority of people can reduce weight to the desired figure. We suggest the second box should be eaten one capsule every 1 or 2 days so as to consolidate effect, not to rebound.

2.     Q: How long will lose weight?

A: When taking for 1-6 days: you will feel warmer in the belly and the fat vibrated which is fat burning, then lose weight about 2kg.

 When taking for 7-15 days: the fat in subcutaneous, enteral and artery will be reduced. Waistline and abdominal circumference will be reduce 3-6cm, then lose weight 2.5-7.5kg,

with a ruddy complexion.

  When taking for 16-30 days: the excess fat in the waist, belly and thigh has been depleted and removed out of body. Then you look slim and vigorous.

3.     Q: Does it have side effect, why?

A: Without any side effects. Super fat burning bomb is extracted from the natural herbal. It belongs to the medicine food. Normally eating these things doesn¡¯t have the side effect.

         Main Ingredients:

Capsaicin, Health Hawthorn, L-carnitine, Alisma, Aloes, Ginkgo, Baasha fruit, VC, VE, Apple extract, honey peach extract, guava extract, gamboges extract, blueberry extract, green tea extract, proanthocyanidins, folic acid.

         Composition and Content:

per 100g contains: L-carnitine 19g, Flavone1.2g

         Health effect:

Reduce fat, regulate blood lipid.


Simple fat, rebound after many times reducing fat, postpartum obesity, local fat




One tablet once daily, 15 minutes before breakfast with warm boiled water.

Shelf life: 

24 months


Store in the shady, cool and dry place


This product can not be instead of medicine. It is forbidden for young children, pregnant women to take this product.


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