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Fat Napalm Bomb weight loss caps(30 days supply)


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Fat Napalm Bomb

Healthy Weight Loss Capsule,Slimming Pill,weight loss capsule,weight loss product(zhifang ranshao dan)
Easy to take a day-fruit formula will never rebound

fruit-thin capsule

Ingredients: chitin, ginkgo, bitter melon extract, dietary fiber, Poria

Specifications: 400mg / tablets 〜 30 in a pack.

Food: once a day, every time a in before or after breakfast with warm water service delivery

Approval Number: The Guardian eating words (1998), No. 0322

Implementation of the standards: QB1998-23

The role of the characteristics: 1, the local diet, mainly to eliminate the abdomen, buttocks, arm fat, weight loss after the skin is not to relax, do not wrinkle-free phenomenon of rough orange peel.
2, two-way real solution to the problem of obesity, the total elimination of a rebound.

3, Ji Zhi on the Elimination of the body, the discharge of hazardous substances, beautiful skin.

4, no side effects, high concentration, just a day.

Effective date: two years

Technical support: Hong Kong Movie Star slimming Beauty Institute


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