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P57 Hoodia Cactus Slimming Capsules Diet Pills


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100% Herbal and Safe Weight Loss Formula



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P57 Hoodia is made of natural plant Hoodia Cactus in Kalahari Desert,South Africa; extract the effective ingredient P57 by the concentration rate of 20:1 with the most advanced bio-technology. P57 could directly enter into the neurocyte of sub thalamus; send signals of full blood sugar to cerebra, to make the stomach fell full and less hunger. P57 is also helpful to reduce the absorption of caloric, shed fat naturally.

The auxiliary element Evening Primrose, Semen Cassia, and Lotus Leafs could burn the fat and accelerate the metabolism rate. While accelerate the decomposition of body fat, the organism could dissolve the fat into carbon dioxide and water, to discharge its out via the sweat glands.

[Product Characteristics] Restrain appetite, fast slimming; Natural plant extract; free of any side-effect

[Ingredients]P57,Evening Primrose, Semen Cassia, Lotus Leafs


[Shelf Period]24 months

[Usage and Dosage]1 capsule daily

[Storage] Place in airproof, shady and dry condition. Keep out of reach of children.

[Suitable Population]18 to 60 years old.

[Note] Not intended for people with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure or cerebrovascular disease; Can not be taken with other drugs.


[Employed Standard] GB 16740-1997.


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