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Sexy Power Capsule


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Sexy Power Capsule

Distilled from plants and animals,this product is conductive to sexual impotence and prospermia.Moreover,it can vivify spirt and benefit the nephridum.
[Ingredicent]: penis cervi,hippocampus,angelica, rhizoma polygonati, herba cynomorii,
plastrum testudinis.ect.
1.Instantly make the penis firm,improve coition,shorten intervals,reduce tiredness,dispel prospermia ,active nephridum,tone up secretion of the testicle cells.
2.Rich in various vim genes necessary for male, it can enhance vigor,essence and spirt by long-term use and can avoid such urethral disease as protostatitis,etc.

[Applicablity]: elderly and middle-aged males,patients with sexual disorder.
[Attention]: 1. only 1 before sexual intercourse, do not take more.
                  2. drink more water can mitigate effect.
                  3. do not take twice within 24hours 

[Usage and Amount]: 1 pill 10~30 minutes before sexual intercourse(the effect can
last 48 hours)
[specification:] 2000mg*6grains/bottle


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